Why You Really Need

Brevard Home Watch Professionals

Don’t wait until your home is flooded or some other catastrophe occurs, Brevard Home Watch Professionals can monitor your home to ensure everything is just how you left it.


Professional Home Watch and Concierge Services

Protect & Enjoy Your Home

We protect you by being licensed, bonded, insured, accredited, and fingerprinted. With over 30 years home and property management we understand your concerns. We utilize indisputable GPS real time reporting as proof of visit and satisfying insurance compliance. If all that sounds desirable, let’s talk.

Absentee Home Owners.

Our services offer you peace of mind while your away from home.

Vacation Rentals.

We can monitor your vacation homes before, during and after rental.


Spend your valuable time selling homes and let us manage your properties.

Family Peace of Mind
Condominium Complex

Home Watch Services for All Types of Residences

Condos & Gated Communities

While cameras are a good supplement, we provide the hands, eyes, and ears where cameras can’t go for all of the innumerable things that smell, sounds and feel…well “not quite right”. You and your guests will benefit from our personalized services.

Home Watch.


Storm Services.

Key Holder.

Condominium Complex

Serving All of Central Brevard County

Home Watch Professionals

Professional Home Watch Services pays for itself by leaving all your worry and work to us.

Large Home
Condominium Complex
Florida Condo
Living Room

Private Homeowners, Renters & Condos

We Check Everything

We provide home watch to all types of privately owned property. We work within their budget with affordable services.

  • Homes
  • Condos
  • RVs
  • Mobiles

Indisputable Real-Time GPS Reporting

Interior & Exterior Inspection

Florida Mansion
Florida Mansion

We perform a thorough exterior walk around, and a room by room interior walk through, top to bottom to detect and instantly report any concerns about your property, awaiting your directions for addressing them. It’s your home, your way.

Our Professional Experience allows us to:

  1. Provide 24/7 dependable service and support
  2. Protect you with our licensing, insurance, bonding, accreditation, and fingerprinting.
  3. Provide insurance compliance.
  4. Provide the time, skills, expertise, tools, and resources to perform a professional service.
  5. Photo, video, narrative reports w/GPS date/time/place proof of visit for your review 24/7.
  6. Resolve problems cameras/security systems and neighbors cannot.
  7. Allow you to enjoy your return home through concierge services.
  8. FREE! Free key holder services!
  9. Coordinate contractors as needed.
  10. Monitor your lawn/pool etc. services are being performed as scheduled.
  11. Serve the needs of all types of homeowners and renters, snowbirds, travelers, realtors, banks.

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Pool Home

Is There a Gator in Your Pool?

Monitoring Pool Homes

Nobody wants to come home to find a gator in the pool or some other equally unfortunate situation. Contact us and we will monitor your pool home inside and out to ensure your home is just the way you left it.

Worried About Your Home When You Travel?

Relax While on Vacation

When your on vacation your home is the last thing you should be thinking about.

Relax on Vacation

Mail Pickup.

Mail piling up in the mailbox is attractics unwanted attention from thieves and asking your neighbors is not always an option.

Properties for Sale.

We service unoccupied realtor and bank owned properties before and after the sale.


If you rent your home to vacationers you can certainly ebenfit from out services. Let us monitor your property for you.


Properties for Rent.

We keep properties clean and ready to show to potential renters at all times.

Icon Home Love

You Love Your Home and…

We Love What We Do

We protect what you value most, sign up for home watch services that keep you safe and protect your largest investment. Our services are so reasonably priced there is no reason to go unprotected.

National Home Watch Association Member
Brevard Home Watch Professionals

Waterfront Homes

There are many possible problems facing owners of waterfront homes, and many of these matters will never become serious problems if Brevard Home Watch monitors your home. Enjoy your home when you are here and relax when you’re not.

Stormy Weather

Florida is the sunshine state, so the weather is normally very good, but when it rains it pours. We can prepare your home for hurricanes or other bad weather and check your home for damage after a storm or hurricane.

Still Wondering What We Do?

Service Examples

The examples listed below are just a few of the benefits of signing up for our services.


The ultimate peace of mind for travelers.


Realtors & Banks

Let us monitor your properties for you.



Your home, exactly the way you left it.

Insurance Compliance

Insurance Compliance

We provide a detailed accounting of your home.

Key Holder

Key Holder

If someone needs access while your away.

Mail Pick Up

Mail Pick Up

Daily, Weekly, or on any schedule you want.


We can resolve common alarm or camera issues.

24/7 Service

24/7 Service

If you need us we will be there.


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